Thursday, June 28, 2012

Final House Update

     We are in!  Just 6 months ago Jeremy was hammering the for sale sign into the yard, and now here we are, living right next door in our new home!  We have spent the past week getting out of the rental house and into the new house.  I'm finally taking a break to blog a little bit about everything.  First I had to clean a few spaces off to get some decent pictures.  Then my camera battery died, and I have no idea where the new batteries are.  Then I had to dig around and look for the cords to hook the camera to the computer.  You get the idea.  Everything will eventually have a place, it just drives me a little crazy until it does.  The kids are all loving being back in our neighborhood.  It's nice to be able to let them out and about and not worry about busy intersections or people we don't know.
     The biggest change for Everett (and me) are his sleeping arrangements.  For 10+ years I have been laying someone down for the night in our baby bed.  Well, no more.  Parker and Everett will eventually be sharing the bunk bed room, so for now Everett is in the toddler bed in our room.  I will admit, I cried when Jeremy came up with the idea.  We bought the crib for Jackson before he was born and have had it up ever since.  I guess we don't officially have a baby anymore.  Kind of sad, kind of liberating.  It's going better than I thought it would.  He slept in his bed 3 out of 5 nights.  The other 2 he slept the first half of the night in his bed, and the second half in mine.  Now if we can just get ride of the diapers we'll be good to go!

Night #1

Morning after, still snoozin'

     It's nice to see our to do list grow smaller as we tackle projects that need to be done around the house, though it's far from finished.  I managed to take a couple of grainy pictures before my battery died.  Please excuse any clutter you see in the background!  Once I find my batteries I'll try to get around the house and take a few more.  For now it's just nice to sit and blog again.

Thanks goodness for backyard farming neighbors.  
Our poor sod is suffering with these 100 degree days.  We came home to find that the sprinklers they use to water their fields were reaching all the way to our back porch!


Jeremy did my backsplash.  He's so handy sometimes!

Breakfast nook.  
I framed a few handwritten recipes of my mother's, grandmother's and great-grandmother's.  

Dining room

Our first breakfast in the new house!

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