Friday, June 15, 2012

Mini Majorette Camp

     So today was the day that we got to see what Mia's been up to all week at majorette clinic.  She's gone to the high school every morning for 2 hours to learn from the varsity squad what  it means to be a majorette.  She picked it up really quickly, and is really good at it.  I was actually surprised at how good she was today at the performance.  The high school girls were great with them.  They taught them a dance, wrapped their batons, and gave them shirts for participating.  Mia said she likes twirling even better than cheerleading, which is major at our house.  Of course she also likes that they get to wear "sparkly bathing suits and boots" for their uniform!

Mia and Ashlyn

Maudie and Mia

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  1. LOVE IT! Sparkly bathing suits and boots! She is too cute!