Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lazy Blogger

     Blame it on the move, the summer, or the bazillion other things that are going on, but I haven't felt like sitting down to blog (much) this summer.  We've been doing a lot of swimming, playing with friends, and sleeping late.  But, we've also been doing a lot of party planning, yard sale preparation, and settling into the house (still).  We also are in the middle of getting our neighborhood HOA together, which is a job all in itself.
     This week we had our carpool meeting for the upcoming school year.  We are blessed with a ton of kids in our neighborhood.  With at least 2 of us having 3 kids at 3 schools, it was a little trickier than it has been in the past, but I think we've got it all worked out.  I love our neighborhood mainly for the neighbors!  There's always someone to talk to, borrow an egg from, or swap kids with!  Here's a couple of shots from our "meeting".  You can tell it was really taxing on us all!

     Last week we finally got some much needed rain.  Our newly laid sod was very grateful!  Since our outdoor activities were nixed, Everett improvised.

     On Monday Parker and I headed to the pediatrician's office for the dreaded kindergarten checkup.  I don't think he even remembered what "shots" were, but after getting 3 of them I think he'll know what they are next time.  I snapped this pic with my phone between the checkup and the shots.  What a nervous smile! Of course, we had to make a trip to Target (for Batman toys) and Krispy Kreme on our way home after such a hard and heroic morning!  Everything looks good and we are a go for school in August!

     I have been getting ready for our yard sale on Saturday (ugh) and stumbled across the long lost paints and brushes. The kids made quick work of getting their stations set up.  Jackson swooped in right at the end to join in the fun.

Parker said his is, "Kind of a masterpiece."

Everett says his is, "Chocolate."

Mia's "city".  The first of her 4 artistic ventures of the afternoon.

Jackson made a "Wanted" poster of his mother.  How thoughtful.

     We are now 32 days out from the beginning of 5th grade, 2nd grade, kindergarten, and 1 lonely Everett at home with mom.  I can't believe how this summer has flown by.  The kids are already getting excited about school, which is a good thing considering the groans about homework that will follow shortly after it begins.  Everyone is due for a new backpack this year, so hopefully we'll make enough at our yard sale to do a little back to school shopping.  
     So, that's what we've been up to lately.  A lot of nothing and everything all at once.  I am definitely starting to feel the itch of an established routine under my skin once again.  A few more weeks of summer and I'll also be ready for school to begin!


  1. Thirty-One has some super cute backpacks:)!

  2. Hey Leah! I left an award for you on my blog! :)