Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Days of School

     Jackson, Mia, and Parker all started school this week.  The hard lesson I've had to learn is that the older they get, the less they want mom to walk them in and take pictures!  Jackson started 5th grade and was appalled when I asked if he wanted me to walk him to class.  I did get a picture before he left with carpool, and Jeremy took a picture of all of them when they got out of the car.  He has 3 teachers this year: Mr. Jarmon, Mrs. Lockhart, and Mrs. Carpenter.  He had Mr. Jarmon last year and was so excited when he moved to 5th grade.  He hoped all summer that's who he would get, and he did!

Aliee, Haley, Max, and Jackson

     Mia started 2nd grade this time and she has Mrs. Wooten.  Jackson had her in 2nd grade and I loved her, so I was excited Mia got her.  Mia was not excited.  Not about her teacher, but that her 2 best friends from last year weren't with her this time.  She has really struggled this week with not wanting to go at all, and she wants me to take her, which looks like it will nix our carpool schedule.  I know it's hard when you don't have any of your best friends in class with you, but Mia usually makes friends fast, so I'm praying for the Lord to calm her nerves and strengthen her confidence.

Mia and Mrs. Wooten

Camryn and Mia

Kennely and Mia

     Today was Parker's very first day of kindergarten.  They split the class into thirds for the first week and they are assigned to go either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, then the whole class will be there Thursday and Friday.  That way it's not so overwhelming for the teachers or the students.  Parker has Mrs. Malone and I have heard wonderful things about her.  He also has his really good friend Maggie in his class, so he was ready to go this morning.  Jeremy met us there and we walked Parker to his class.  He found his cubby and put his stuff away and sat down to color his picture.  Just based on how preschool went last year, I know he will love kindergarten.  They also get out early this first week, so Everett and I are counting down the hours until we can pick Parker up and ask all about his day.  Meanwhile, it sure is quiet around here!

Parker and Maggie

Getting his things put away in his cubby

Parker and Mrs. Malone

Ready for his first day!

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