Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spring/Summer Recital

     Last May, Mia's dance studio was scheduled to hold their recital.  Mrs. Laura was very pregnant at the time, and ended up having her sweet daughter earlier than she expected.  So recital was postponed and we waited all summer to see Mia's performance.  Last night was the night.  She did great, despite nerves of forgetting her dance.  All the dances were cute, and the girls all really enjoyed it.  Mia said the best parts were her sparkly costumes and getting a trophy.  I'd had her costumes put up since Spring so we didn't lose/destroy them before recital, so now she's glad they can just be for dress up.  She did a ballet and a tap dance.  I only have pics of her ballet at mom's before we left, but a sweet friend took some of the tap on stage for me.  Though I think we're taking a hiatus from dance and going back to gymnastics this year, Mia has really loved her class and especially her teacher Mrs. Laura.

Mrs. Laura

Grace and Mia after their performance

Mia's audience

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  1. What sweetness! I bet it was a LONG summer for her having to wait for her performance. I nominated you for a Sunshine Blog Award, stop by and pick it up sometime.