Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Weddin' Day Y'all!

    We spent yesterday afternoon at the wedding of Jeremy's cousin Lindsey and her fiance Josh. The kids were all excited because they knew it would be outside, and they had never been to an outdoor wedding.  The weather had cooled off, so it was the perfect evening for it.  Everett was really pumped when he realized just how many tractors were there.  It was a wonder he could keep quiet during the ceremony!  Lindsey looked beautiful as always, and we were so proud to be there to witness their marriage.

Emma and Mia before the ceremony

Bride's cake

Groom's cake

Lindsey's dad (Kerry) and son (Ethan) walking her down the aisle.
When the preacher asked, "Who gives this woman in marriage?", Ethan said, "We do." 
It was the sweetest thing!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Blank Canvas

     A literal blank canvas.  There it was, sitting in my living room, staring at me, scaring me to death.  Our small group ladies from church came over last Thursday night for a Cookies and Canvas party.  Everyone brought cookies to share, and Felicia Plunket at A Blank Canvas provided us with hours of fun while she helped us paint our fall inspired pumpkins.  Everyone is my family is artsy except for me, so when I told them we were having a painting party they were all pretty iffy (is that a real word?  Don't care.  I'm using it.) about it.  Mia even offered to stay and help me!  So, with all that family confidence behind me, I said a little prayer and forged ahead.
     Needless to say, Felicia is amazing!  Most of us had never painted (besides walls in our homes) and she taught us lots of tricks to make our masterpieces come out looking like, well, masterpieces!  Mia came in as we were finishing up and asked me where my pumpkin was.  I pointed to it and she said, "No really, where's the one you painted."  I took that as a good sign! I got so wrapped up in the painting, that I forgot to take a picture of our cookie table, but it was amazing.  We had tons of cookies.  Andes mint, lemon glazed, peanut butter, shortbread squares, chocolate pudding, and these are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head!
     It is great getting to know this group of ladies from church.  Some I have known for years, and some I'm just getting acquainted with.  It's amazing how we can all be at relatively different stages of our life, and have so much in common through the bond of a Savior.  Not everyone got to come, but I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store for our little class through the rest of the year!

Getting Started

This is one that Felicia painted. 
She brought it to make us feel bad inspire us.

Amanda, feeling very artistic

Sarah can do it all!

We did it!

Just a small sample of what Felicia can do!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Homecoming Week

     This week has been homecoming week for Muscle Shoals, and it has been busy to say the least.  I think the pictures will speak for themselves on this post.  The funny thing about it is that the Trojans are playing the Dora Bulldogs.  Yes, Dora.  As in the explorer.  All week long Everett has thought he was going to see Dora the Explorer today.  I think he was a little disappointed when he realized it was a different Dora, but the candy from the parade got him through this recent let down.

Graham and Mia walking into school this morning

Jackson, Mia, Maggie, Parker, and Addison

 Girl pic!

Trent and Parker are ready to ride in the parade!



Dolphins flag football ready for the parade!

Sam, Ezra, and Parker.  
Is there anything that can't be turned into a sword?

Checking out the candy before the start of the parade.

Anxiously waiting for candy!

Max and Jackson

Carley and the rest of the MSHS cheerleaders