Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Are You Ready For Some (Flag) Football?

     Our very own Parker Luke is officially playing flag football this fall.  If any one of our kids was made for sports, it's Parker. He was very adamant that he was NOT going to play, and if he did he was NOT going to enjoy it, but Jeremy and I knew he would love it.  They've been playing it during P.E. at school the past couple of weeks, and he has had a great time.  So, we signed him up and crossed our fingers that we were right.  His team (the Falcons) started practice last night and that's all he's talked about since!  He's always loved anything that involves running around and being loud and crazy, so this is perfect for him.  He is also excited because his favorite cousins, Isaac and Ezra, are on his team.  He did great at practice and can't wait until tomorrow night for the next one!

Pre-practice pep talk

Isaac, Parker, and Ezra

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