Friday, September 28, 2012

Down by the Bay

     That's where Jeremy and I spent last weekend.  Saturday, September 22nd was our wedding anniversary, as well as the first day of fall.  When we were looking at wedding dates all those years ago (just 11 actually) I knew I wanted to get married on that day.  Fall is my favorite season, so it was perfect that it fell on the Saturday of our wedding.
     We spent Thursday - Sunday in Orange Beach, Alabama with no kids and no plans.  We've traveled quite a bit together, but we both agreed that last weekend was the best vacation we've ever taken.  New York, St. Louis, Mexico, Belize, all were nice, but not very relaxing. We have never taken an actual relaxing vacation, ever.  We go from sun up to sun down in whatever city we're visiting, trying to get to all the "sites" before we have to leave.  Even our beach vacations are never very restful since we're usually tagging along with Jeremy's job.  So, this time we chose somewhere that we wouldn't feel like we had to get up and go everyday.
     This is how our days went at the beach.  I slept late 3 days in a row.  I'm talking 8 a.m., people!  Jeremy got up early and went to the pier to fish.  I ate breakfast when I wanted, watched ZERO cartoons, shopped for 4 consecutive hours on Friday (with no snacks to pack, diapers to change, fights to referee, etc.).  We went to dinner together and I got to eat my meal the instant it hit the table and didn't have to share any of it!  And this may just be the most exciting moment of all.  I got to lay by the pool and read a book.  It was awesome.  We've been to this town a bazillion times in our lives.  We know where we like to eat, what we like to do, and didn't feel pressured to rise with the sun so we didn't miss anything.  It was wonderful. I highly recommend going somewhere familiar and just being lazy once in your life!

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