Sunday, September 9, 2012

Football Friday

     This weekend was our high school's first home game of the season, so we all loaded up to go support the Trojans.  Jackson's school got invited to the pep rally, so they painted faces & hair and walked over to the high school Friday afternoon.  Of course 5th grade boys are way too cool to pose for pictures for their mothers, so I got a few grainy shots from across the gym.  Everett and I went to watch for a while, then we had to leave to pick up the other kids from school.
     Jackson rode to the game with Max and we showed up about an hour later.  The stadium was packed.  Mia and Jackson spent their night running around with friends.  Parker quickly spotted his buddy, Sam, so we went and sat with them so they could play together.  They spent their night climbing the railing in front of us and cheering for the Trojans!  Everett was just glad to be there in the middle of all the chaos, not to mention he got to eat an entire bag of skittles from the concession stand all by himself!  We left around half time, when Parker said he was "the tired-est I've ever been in my whole life".  I think a full day of school and a full night of excitement wore him out!  We didn't miss anything since Muscle Shoals beat Russellville 43-0.  It would have been nice to win a few games back when I was in high school, but I'm glad they are a winning team now!

That's Jackson in the white jersey

Carley cheering her first pep rally

Maudie and Mia

Parker and Sam


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