Sunday, September 9, 2012

Parker Luke . . . Bike Rider

     Jeremy is 3-0 on teaching our kids to ride their bikes.  Parker desperately wants to ride around the neighborhood with all the big kids, so off came the training wheels and out came dad.  Parker was a little hesitant at first, but he is by far the fastest learner.  Jeremy told him that Jackson and Mia never learned to ride their bikes as quickly as he did, which made his day.  He has continued to remind us all that he is the best bike rider in our family ever.  He's still working on taking off on his own, but he's got the basic idea down.  While he was at it, Jeremy also taught our friend/neighbor, Kain, to ride his bike too.  A few more years and Everett will be out there.  On a side note, please excuse all the port-a-potties in these pictures.  There are a bazillion homes being built in our neighborhood right now, so there's literally one on every corner.

Talking logistics

Ready to roll!

Congratulations Parky!

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