Sunday, September 2, 2012

Surprise #3

      I was 15 when Carley was born, a freshman in high school.  I remember my dad coming into lunch one day at school and checking me out because mom was in labor.  Hours later Carley was born.  She was teeny tiny without a hair on her head.  I was supposed to cheer that night at the football game, and I went around half time to tell everybody about Carley.  This was  slightly before digital cameras, and way before smart phones, so we had to wait a few days to get pictures developed.  I had prayed for a sister for years, and now I had one.  I was over the moon excited.
     In just a couple of weeks Carley will be 18.  Hard to believe.  Yesterday was her surprise birthday party.  Yes, I know, we are knee deep in surprise parties this year.  I think she was actually surprised, so we are 2-1 on that front.  All her friends came and all the cousins too.  We had a good time making fun of all her baby pictures and "remembering when".  So, even though she's technically an adult, she'll always be my baby sister.  Happy Birthday Carley!

Mia and Prentiss appointed themselves as taste-testers guardians of the candy table.


These were too funny not to post them all.  Trying to get a picture of all of them 
is like trying to wrestle an alligator!


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