Monday, October 8, 2012

Dolphins (formerly Falcons) Football

     Parker had his very first football game last Thursday night, and he was pumped!  They were supposed to play last Monday, but it got rained out, so he had to wait extra long to play.  When we got to the field, the coach handed out the jerseys.  We were originally the Falcons, but there was some mix up at with the number of kids and the sizes, so most teams had to change names.  The jerseys came from the NFL flag football league association, so they are very professional.  Parker even had to wear his to school today he loves it so much!
     After both teams were set to go, the game got underway.  There is nothing funnier than watching 5 and 6 year olds try to play a team sport.  There is no score kept at this age, so it's all about learning the specifics of the game.  Parker was excited to be playing the Titans, because his friend from class (Aidan) and his friend from church (Sam) are on that team.  They ran their little hearts out and both teams got lots of touchdowns.  There was even some inadvertent tackling involved.  After all the hard work, the teams got in line for high-5's and made their way to the concession stand for a much anticipated Coke.  Parker had a great time and says he can't wait to play again.
     It's so funny to hear him talk about football with Jeremy, Jackson, and Pop now.  He always wants to watch the games on the weekends and wants to know all the teams names and who's winning.  The kids have been going to the high school games on Friday's with Nana and Pop, so now Parker tells us which teams are high school, which are college, and which are pro.  To say he's a little fanatical is an understatement!  His class has a field trip to UNA planned later this month, and he thinks they are going to watch a football game, despite my constant assurance that they're not.  I think he has found his niche in football.  At least until the next sport rolls around!

Sam and Parker

Coach/Uncle Matt and Parker

I just noticed how obsessed Parker seems to be with his mouthpiece. 
 He is "adjusting" it in almost every picture!

 Aidan and Parker

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