Sunday, October 14, 2012

Eagle Run & Other News

      Jackson has taken up running as his newest hobby.  He is part of a group of middle school students who were selected to train with the high school cross country team, and they have been practicing on Mondays and Fridays after school.  Every year they run the McBride Mile in conjunction with the physical fitness test they take in P.E. and he really enjoys it.  Yesterday he had the opportunity to run in the Eagle Run at his cousin Kenzie's school.  This is the first timed run he's ever done by himself, and he did really well.  He came in at 9:01, which he was pretty pleased with.  He didn't place in his age category, but he was just proud that he'd done it.  Kenzie got 2nd in her age group, and came in right before Jackson.  They both had a great run, and I hope they'll continue to work hard at it.
     Jackson also got selected to be in the student council this year.  Every class votes and the top 3 or 4 with the most votes gets to join.  This is something he really wanted to be in last year, but didn't get to, so he's very excited to get to do it this year.  They've already had their first meeting, and their can food drive is well underway.  Even with all his extracurricular activities, he's still making good grades in all his classes.  I hope he will continue to enjoy everything and stay as involved as he can.

Checking out the winner's table

Ready to run

A big send off

Kenzie coming in

Jackson coming in

After race refreshments

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  1. Sweet Post! I am proud for him and all of his accomplishments! Kobe is running on Mondays and Fridays too and he loves it!