Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Activities

     By the time you get in 2nd and 5th grade, there's just not a lot of fun stuff going on in class for Thanksgiving.  But kindergarten is a different story!  Parker's class had an Indian Escapade where they made shirts, necklaces, headbands, and had a Thanksgiving snack.  They all got to pick out an Indian name for their shirt, and Parker chose Red Snake.  When it was time to paint his shirt he grabbed the red and went to town.  No frills, no accent colors, just a red snake.  He said, "That's my name and that's what I did."  Point taken.

     The day before Thanksgiving his class got to have a Friendship Feast with the class across the hall.  They all wore their Indian shirts and had lots of yummy Thanksgiving foods to eat.  Mia and Everett went with me to join Parker for this, and they were very glad because they ended up getting to eat all of his treats!  Parker is our pickiest eater, so after he finished his roll and apples he handed off the rest to his siblings.  At least he doesn't mind sharing!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

     This was the first year that all 4 kids had an opinion about what they wanted to be for Halloween.  Gone are the days of mom getting to pick a cute costume for them.  Even Everett, at 2 years old, was very opinionated.  First he wanted to be a tractor or a monster truck.  Then he wanted to be a football player.  Finally he decided on an army boy.  A dollar store helmet and a few iron-on letters later, his costume was done.  Jackson wanted to be a clown.  Then he wanted to be several creepy things, which I do not go for.  (We do Halloween strictly for the candy, not for the spooky.)  We compromised on an army man/hunter and decided he could carry a gun.  Mia was easy.  Ice Skater.  Old ballet costume and makeup.  Done.  Parker was just as easy.  Since he's been playing football with the rec center, that's all he's talked about.  All he wanted to do was wear his uniform.  Add in the cousins, who were an army man, a ninja, a veterinarian, and a princess, and we were quite a crowd!  We ate dinner at Nana and Pop's house with the cousins, trick-or-treated the neighborhood, then went to Grandma's to end our night of fun.  We all had fun, got lots of candy, and some (Everett) even got the bonus of a week long runny nose and fever.  We're all better now, and have plenty of chocolate to last at least until Christmas!

Mia's 8th Birthday

     It's that time of year again.  I feel like I've just recovered from last years sleepover, and it's already time for another!  The Friday before Mia's birthday she had 12 girls come spend the night.  We had planned to have a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood that afternoon, but a cold front came in just as the girls were getting dropped off, so we had to nix that idea.  The girls painted picture frames and canvases.  They also did makeovers.  Let me just say they need lots of practice!  After supper they decorated their own cupcakes, watched movies, and squealed through the house until around midnight.  When I finally made them all lay down, there were 13 girls in Mia's bedroom.  3 in the bed, 2 in the closet, the rest scrunched around in the floor.  The boys spent the night at Nana's so we had the entire house to ourselves, but they wanted to all sleep together.  I cleaned up around the house and then dozed off on the couch around 1:30 a.m.  I was pretty sure that 2 of the girls were going home sometime during the night, and wasn't going to be surprised if there were more than that.  I woke up around 5 a.m. on Saturday and they were all still there.  The only thing that seemed to have happened during the night was that they had migrated all over the house.  There was one on the opposite couch from me, 3 in the extra room, 1 in Parker's bed, and 2 under the dining room table.  I was just happy to have gotten a couple hours of sleep!  We had breakfast and tried to pack up all the girls things before time to go home.  They all had a great time and said they were ready to do it again soon.  I think as long as I can keep it to once a year, I'll be alright.  Happy Birthday Mia Claire!

Scarecrow Day

     Parker had Scarecrow Day on October 26.  When Jackson was in kindergarten he made a shirt in class for this day.  Mia wore it for her scarecrow day, and Parker wore it for his too.  We patched up some jeans that were almost too small and added a straw hat.  A few of us moms went early to paint faces, but of course Parker wanted no part of that!  Pop met us a little bit later to join in the fun during P.E.  The kids all square danced and showed us how they warm up on a regular school day.  Then they got to invite someone to dance along with them.  Little did Pop know that Parker was going to ask him to dance.  After all the fun in P.E. the kids went back to their classroom for a snack.  Mrs. Malone read them a story about a scarecrow while we got their plates fixed.  They had scarecrow cookies, haystacks, and cracker spiders.  Parker wouldn't touch any of it.  I pulled a baggie of Wheat Thins out of his lunch box and he had that with his apple juice.  Typical Parker.  Despite his picky snack preferences, he had a great time at Scarecrow Day!

Isbell's Farm and Pumpkin Painting

     October 22nd was Mia's field trip to Isbell's Pumpkin Farm.  The entire elementary school went on the same day, so we were all expecting mad chaos, but it was actually very well organized and ran smoothly the entire day.  The kids got to play on the bouncy slide, climb the tire tower, and swing on the tire swings as soon as we got there, so they were pumped!

They also got to go in the barn and milk a cow, hold a pig, and feed the goats and chickens.  This, of course, was Mia's favorite part.  All I could think about was that poor cow that had to stand there and get milked by 300 first and second graders!  After that they got to get their faces painted.

We took a break for lunch (after a good handwashing) and Jeremy came to hang out with us for a while.  It also happened to be his birthday, so what better way to celebrate than at a farm with a bazillion 8 year olds?

After lunch the kids took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch to search for a pumpkin.  We also got to hear about Native American life and do a dance.

The next week at school all the kids in Mia's class had a special snack and got to paint their pumpkin.  It was a great week leading up to Halloween!