Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

     This was the first year that all 4 kids had an opinion about what they wanted to be for Halloween.  Gone are the days of mom getting to pick a cute costume for them.  Even Everett, at 2 years old, was very opinionated.  First he wanted to be a tractor or a monster truck.  Then he wanted to be a football player.  Finally he decided on an army boy.  A dollar store helmet and a few iron-on letters later, his costume was done.  Jackson wanted to be a clown.  Then he wanted to be several creepy things, which I do not go for.  (We do Halloween strictly for the candy, not for the spooky.)  We compromised on an army man/hunter and decided he could carry a gun.  Mia was easy.  Ice Skater.  Old ballet costume and makeup.  Done.  Parker was just as easy.  Since he's been playing football with the rec center, that's all he's talked about.  All he wanted to do was wear his uniform.  Add in the cousins, who were an army man, a ninja, a veterinarian, and a princess, and we were quite a crowd!  We ate dinner at Nana and Pop's house with the cousins, trick-or-treated the neighborhood, then went to Grandma's to end our night of fun.  We all had fun, got lots of candy, and some (Everett) even got the bonus of a week long runny nose and fever.  We're all better now, and have plenty of chocolate to last at least until Christmas!

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