Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Scarecrow Day

     Parker had Scarecrow Day on October 26.  When Jackson was in kindergarten he made a shirt in class for this day.  Mia wore it for her scarecrow day, and Parker wore it for his too.  We patched up some jeans that were almost too small and added a straw hat.  A few of us moms went early to paint faces, but of course Parker wanted no part of that!  Pop met us a little bit later to join in the fun during P.E.  The kids all square danced and showed us how they warm up on a regular school day.  Then they got to invite someone to dance along with them.  Little did Pop know that Parker was going to ask him to dance.  After all the fun in P.E. the kids went back to their classroom for a snack.  Mrs. Malone read them a story about a scarecrow while we got their plates fixed.  They had scarecrow cookies, haystacks, and cracker spiders.  Parker wouldn't touch any of it.  I pulled a baggie of Wheat Thins out of his lunch box and he had that with his apple juice.  Typical Parker.  Despite his picky snack preferences, he had a great time at Scarecrow Day!

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