Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad

     We had a busy week planned for the last week of school.  Little did we know the rotavirus would strike, and we'd be busy in a whole different way.  Instead of party hopping, making snacks, opening presents, and saying good bye to friends, we are taking temperatures, measuring out meds, and doing tons of laundry.  Parker's party was last Tuesday, when we were all still well, so Everett and I went to join in the fun.  His kindergarten had been to the high school earlier in the day to watch a Christmas movie, and they were still pumped when we arrived for the party.  There were tons of Christmas snacks and the kids had fun licking the icing off the cupcakes and picking the sprinkles off of the cookies.  Of course my picky eater drank his juice and ate his Cheetos, and that was all he touched.  They each had a reindeer bag filled with goodies to take home and lots of ornaments and pictures around the room that we collected before going home.  Unfortunately my camera is completely dead.  Changed the batteries and still nothing.  And right in time for Christmas too!  So, the crumby pics from my phone are all I have.  Parker had to have his picture made with his "girlfriends" before we left.

Emily, Parker, and Maggie

     Mia and Jackson had their parties on Thursday, but Mia was the one that was sick.  Jackson and I briefly went to his party that morning to give his teachers their gifts and see his friends.  That's where I first learned how wide spread this wonderful virus really was.  There were 60 out of Mia's school on Thursday with flu, strep, or rotavirus.  One of her friends is even in the hospital with it.  Luckily, she seems to be a lot better this morning, and no one else is showing symptoms.  I'm praying that by Christmas we will all be healthy.  In light of recent events, I'm also praising God that I still have all of my children here with me, and I'm able to hold them when they're sick and comfort them as they recover.   I don't always think about thanking God when we are down in the trenches of illness, but things could be so much worse than they ever are for us.  I thank the Lord for all His grace and mercy for my family that He so bountifully bestows on us every single day.

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