Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Christmas Story

     Our sweet neighbors, Brett and Shanna McAlister, invited us over last night for a Christmas party.  Not just any Christmas party, A Christmas Story party.  We all dressed up like characters from the movie.  Jeremy and I were Mr. and Mrs. Parker on Christmas morning.  We also had a burglar, Santa Claus, Scut Farkus, blind Ralphie, grown-up Ralphie (complete with eye patch),  Ralphie on Christmas morning, a leg lamp, and a fragile box.  We even brought foods that went along with the theme.  Of course our main dishes were turkey and egg rolls.  We played A Christmas Story trivia and Dirty Santa.  Jeremy ended up with an Auburn ornament, so he was thrilled (insert sarcasm).  Everybody had a great time getting to hang out before all the holiday run around starts.  We dearly love our neighbors and we're so blessed to be where we are.

The Johnson's

The Thompson's

The McAlister's

The Puckett's

The Hallman's

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