Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Happenings

     All the school Christmas activities are in full swing.  Last week Parker's class invited parents to come for Christmas lunch.  Everett opted to stay with Nana, so it was just me and Parker.  I had pulled his snowman shirt out of the closet that morning, but he thought his football jersey looked more festive.  After fighting 2 kids over school clothing, I am over it.  As long as they have clean, semi-wrinkle-free clothes on, I'm good.  While I was waiting for lunch I got to see some of Parker's artwork hanging in the hall.  We had a fun lunch together and I'm very blessed to be able to be there!

A couple of Parker's best buddies from class, Dylan and Maggie

     Mia also had her 2nd grade Christmas concert last week.  She was not thrilled about it because they were "the only class without props".  Their song was Silent Night and they did sign language with it.  By the time we were leaving for the concert she was excited.  I think her love of the stage won over her grievance about the props.  All the kids did a wonderful job and the bonus was that the city's parade was right after.  Of course we had to find the other 2 musketeers for a photo op before we left the high school.  We braved the drizzle for the parade since Carley was riding with the rest of the cheerleaders.  And we caught our fair share of candy, so everybody was happy. 

Getting ready to go on!
Emma W., Emma T., Mia, Sage, and Kennely 

Mia's daddy kept waving at her when they first got on stage.
And I quote, "He is soooo embarassing."
Jackson offered to get a pic with his little sis if he could get on stage.
Bella Claire, Kaylee, and Mia
Everett ready for the parade.
The 115th batallion just came home and were the Honorary Grand Marshall.

Carley is the 7th from the left. 
 Everett was so excited she was riding the fire truck!

     We have about 2 weeks left before the kids get out for Christmas.  Lots of parties, ornament making, and gift exchanging over the next few days, then lots of family time!  I'm ready to have everyone home together for a few days.  The kids have actually been playing for about an hour.  All 4.  In the same room.  Playing together.  No fighting.  It's a Christmas miracle!

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