Friday, December 28, 2012


     I love getting out all the Christmas decor for our house, but my favorite by far are the ornaments.  The best ones are the ones the kids have made over the years, but they all have a special memory attached to them.  Here are the new ones we made/received this year.

Jackson's Santa hand print 

Parker's reindeer hand print

Mia's snowman

These salt dough ornaments we made at home. 
Most of them we gave away to neighbors and family, but these are the ones we kept.

Parker's Santa hand print & Jackson's ornament he made for me in art class. 

Parker is in the alligator class in kindergarten and Nana found him this ornament.

From Pop and Nana

Also from Pop and Nana. 
We have another like this from them that we use along with advent. 
 It has a different scripture for everyday.

Hazel's first ornament

This one I won at our neighborhood party during "Dirty Santa"

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