Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crazy March 8th

     I spent the morning with kindergarten at Shoals Theatre and Diebert Park in Florence, then the afternoon at 50's Day at Webster.  Have I said how blessed I am to have a husband that works so hard that I get to have all the fun everyday?  If not, I'm saying it now!
     We saw the Gingerbread Players perform A Clown's Play and Peter Cottontail, and they were both wonderful.  Mia's friend Sammi and Jackson's friend Jacqueline were in Peter Cottontail (they are sisters) and they both did a terrific job!  After the plays we rode over to the park, where I dropped the kids lunches, kissed Parker goodbye, and picked Everett up from Nana's house.

Trey, T'kython, and Parker ready for the show!

     From there we went to the sock hop at Webster for 50's Day.  We hand jived, hula hooped, and limbo-d the afternoon away.  The kids cooled down with coke floats and a movie.  Everett and I had a great time watching all the kids play.  He also was glad to get to join in on the snacks!

Graham, Maudie, and Mia ready for the hop!

 Mia's Class

Born to Hand Jive, Baby!

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