Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jackson Turns 11!

   Yes, our oldest is 11!  It's hard on a mom to have her oldest baby and her youngest baby have birthdays just 2 weeks apart.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster!  Jeremy and I debated a long time on Jackson's present this year.  He has lobbied long and hard for a phone.  With much contemplation, we felt like it was a good idea for him and us.  There are conditions, rules, and limitations, but for now it's working out well.  It's nice to get a "Love you" text for no reason when he's out with friends.
     Pop and Nana have a tradition of taking out the birthday person (and fam) to dinner.  We always know Jackson's will be something uncoventional.  This year he chose Ihop, which isn't as unconventional as it was inconvenient!  The closest Ihop is an hour away in Huntsville.  Fortunately it all worked out pretty well since mom and Carley were going there anyway to have senior pictures made that day.  We picked up Pop after school and headed to Huntsville.  We stopped by Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Sports Authority to let Jackson spend some of his birthday money.  Then we headed to Ihop.  We met Nana and Carley there and feasted on pancakes, waffles, french toast, and everything else breakfast-y.  After dinner Jackson opted to ride home with Pop, Nana, and Carley.  They went by Toys-R-Us and Jackson bought an Xbox game, then we all met back up at home.
     We also had a mini party at our house with family and friends.  Jackson is still debating on what to do with his school buddies for a party, so we got cake and grilled out one night just for fun.  Happy birthday Jackson!

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