Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Read Across America 2013

     Read Across America, aka Drive Mom Crazy Week, was the end of February.  All 3 schools kids celebrating reading and Dr. Seuss's birthday by dressing up and having fun with books!  Jeremy was out of town for a few days during all this, so I felt like I deserved a medal just for getting the right kid dressed in the right outfit for the right day at the right school!  Whew, here we go . . .


Parker: Wacky Sock Day

 Jackson: PJ Day

Mia: Stripe Day


 Jackson: Rock Star Day

Jackson's favorite teacher, Mr. Jarmon

Parker: Cat in the Hat "Hat" Day

Mia: PJ Day


Parker: Wacky Day

Mia: actually had school picture day but wanted her pic made at home anyway
go figure

Jackson: Cowboy Day
I forgot to get one of him, so I had to swipe this one from carpool!


Jackson: Book Character Day
(he's Stanley Yelnats from Holes)

Mia: Team Day

Parker's principal gave all the kids Dr. Seuss shirts on this day, but I forgot to get his pic when he got home. By Thursday I was completely over this week, ha!


Jackson: Crazy Hat Day

Parker: PJ Day
(I may or may not have had my own PJ day as well.  Don't judge me)

Mia: Cowgirl Day

Well, we made it through another Read Across America!  Can't wait til next year (sort of)!

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