Monday, March 25, 2013

Valentine's Day

     We kicked off this year's Valentine's Day with our annual breakfast.  On the menu this year were cinnamon rolls (with white, pink, and red icing and sprinkles) and strawberries.  Another year when it fell on a work/school day, so it was a hectic morning.  

     All 3 kids also had parties at school, so I was scrambling to get everywhere I needed to be that day.  Fortunately (for me) we didn't have to make any "mailboxes" at home this year, so I didn't scramble trying to find shoe boxes and red paper to decorate.  Small victories.  Jackson's party was early, so we did breakfast foods for them.  Mia and Parker's parties were at the exact same time that afternoon, so I sent goodies with Mia and ended up going to help with Parker's class.  Mia wasn't too happy about it, but like I told her, it was Parker's first one, and I've been to many of hers.  She felt better after getting home with a sack full of cards and candy!

4 of my Valentines

     For Parker's class we had a "fancy" Valentine banquet.  Heart sandwiches, petite fors, chocolate strawberries, etc.  We put tealights in jars for their tables and all the kids were dressed up cute.  They had a good time, especially trading cards with each other.

Parker and Maggie

     On a side note, Jackson got glasses a few weeks ago.  
I think he looks very distinguished!

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