Friday, April 19, 2013

The Palace and Spring Park

     Yesterday Everett and I tagged along with Parker's class on their Spring field trip.  They stopped first at The Palace in downtown Tuscumbia for an ice cream cone, then they went to the park to play, eat lunch, and ride the train.  I had to pick up the lunches from school, so we met them at the park, where we found Parker on the monkey bars.  All my kids are climbers and Parker stayed glued to these for most of the day, except to swing with his friends one time.  The train is always a favorite, and the conductor gave us an extra loop around every time.  We had a great time and perfect weather for our day at the park!

Trey and Parker

Parker, Olivia, and Taylar Belle

Lunchtime for the Alligators

Train time

Easter Fun

These pictures pretty much tell the story of our Easter.

Everett's not a morning person.

Pics made at Pop and Nana's after church.

Everett: 3 years

 Parker: 5 years

Jackson: 11 years

 Amelia: 8 years

Mia and Kenzie.
The only 2 of the group that are always willing to smile and pose for pictures!

The best 2 shots (of about 10) with Pop and the boys. . .

. . . and with the girls . . .

. . . and with everybody . . .
You can see how this usually goes.

Can you tell they're getting tired?

Lunch, at last!

 Time for the hunt.

Prize eggs!  
Parker wanted to swap his $10 for a $5, because he likes Abraham Lincoln the best!