Monday, April 1, 2013

Color Run Nashville

     Last weekend I went with a group of women to Nashville, Tennessee to run the Color Run.  If you've never heard of this you need to see if there's one coming your way.  We signed up a few months ago as team Sole Sisters and have been getting pumped about it ever since!  You start out wearing (mostly) white and throughout the course you get sprayed with colored powder.  We had a blast!  I haven't laughed that hard or stayed up that late in a long, long time.  We left on Friday afternoon around lunchtime to get to our registration and have a little time to shop and grab dinner.  My life is kids, kids, and more kids, so I never go on trips like this.  The last "girl's" trip I took was in college, so when I say never what I mean is once every 15 years or so!  If every race was like this, I could do one everyday.  There were lots of little kids and families with strollers, so we had to weave around to get at a steady run.  Of course there were just too many photo ops to pass up, so we stopped periodically to take advantage.  There were also lots of press and color run photographers set up along the way, so we tried to pose for as many of them as we could.  If you see our smiling faces in the Nashville paper or on the website let us know!  After the race we came back to shower and went out to lunch before heading home.  I hope we can make this at least an annual girl's trip, if not more often.  We had so much fun that a few of us are signing up our families to run it again in September when it comes to Birmingham.  If you'd like to join us sign up starts now!

Alison, Deanna, Angie, and Stephanie getting ready for the race

The Beacon Pointe girls
Hope, Aimee, Blair, me, and Deanna

Everyone has a packet of color to throw at the end of the race, 
but we decided to get started early with ours!

 It's a Runicorn!

Me, Deanna, and Angie

Deanna and me

Stephanie, Angie, me, Deanna, and Alison

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