Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter Fun

These pictures pretty much tell the story of our Easter.

Everett's not a morning person.

Pics made at Pop and Nana's after church.

Everett: 3 years

 Parker: 5 years

Jackson: 11 years

 Amelia: 8 years

Mia and Kenzie.
The only 2 of the group that are always willing to smile and pose for pictures!

The best 2 shots (of about 10) with Pop and the boys. . .

. . . and with the girls . . .

. . . and with everybody . . .
You can see how this usually goes.

Can you tell they're getting tired?

Lunch, at last!

 Time for the hunt.

Prize eggs!  
Parker wanted to swap his $10 for a $5, because he likes Abraham Lincoln the best!

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