Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Beach Trip

     Let me preface this with some craziness.  About a week before we left for vacation we were getting ready to go to a wedding shower for some friends in Florence.  I had been to get wrapping paper that Saturday morning and had just gotten home to find everybody still waking up.  Mia was in the guest bathroom looking in the mirror when I walked by going to my room and I told her good morning.  I came back through to the kitchen a couple minutes later to find her sprawled out in the floor unconcious.  She finally came to, and started screaming that her head was hurting and she was completely white.  Jeremy and I took her to the ER and they did a bazillion tests, scans, and x-rays.  After all that the only thing they could find was that her potassium was low.  They sent us home with instructions to get more potassium through foods and drinks, and to get rechecked a few days later.  Her bloodwork at recheck came back looking good and she hasn't had any episodes since.  This is the same child that had a concussion at 2 years old.  She will be the end of me.  So with good results and an ok from our pedicatrician we left for the beach 4 days later.
     This is not our usual beach trip.  We usually tag along with Jeremy on one of his work trips in May or August, but this was an actual non work related "summer" vacation.  We went to Panama City, Florida for a change since the conferences we go to are always in Gulf Shores.  We had great weather and a great time!

The kids had their sights set on Pier Park all week long.
 Everett never wants to ride anything, so when all the other kids 
promised to ride whatever he wanted he finally agreed!

Arrgh, Pirate Parker
Everytime he got saltwater in his eyes this is the face he would make.

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