Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Birthday to Parker & Isaac!

     This year we combined Isaac's 7th and Parker's 6th birthday parties, partly because we're all crazy busy, and partly because Nana won a free bouncy slide rental, which we forced her to use for the party!  Both boys are still hooked on Star Wars, so we went with it.  Fortunately we'd just had VBS at church and got to recycle lots of decorations.  We partied at Pop and Nana's so we could use the pool, which the kids soon figured out they could use to turn the bounce house into a water slide.  This, in turn, left us adults who got to slide at the "after party" very sore the next day!  It was like trying to climb a vertical waterslide.  With a 3 year old on my back.  And 7 other kids trying to use me as a ladder.  Fun times!

Kristen and Kenzie had an all star softball game during the party, so Matt 
was left to capture all the magic on camera.

Nonconformist Everett.
I think he finally did get on the slide after everyone else left.

  Mia and Maggie

 Kristen made the light sabers out of pool noodles for all the kids.  
At one point the bounce house became a cage match fight to the death with these.

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