Tuesday, September 24, 2013


     It's been 5 months since I posted last, but good grief, we've been busy!  May usually just about does me in with all the end of school activities, and with 3 in school now, it's getting worse more and more fun!  In fact it's so much fun, that I can't possibly be expected to remember every single fun detail of every activity that every child participates in!  So, if you're with me, just make up your own fun captions and memories as I try to play catch up with life through pictures! Here we go,

Beach trip w/ Nana, Pop, & Carley

Parker's End-O-The-Year Picnic 
(at Gattman Park)
and last day of Kindergarten!

Carley's Senior luncheon at church
and graduation

Mia's Field Day
and 2nd grade Honor Day

Jackson's 5th grade Honor Day

And somewhere in there we played a little ball

    Finally school is officially out, and you'd think we could slow down a little, but that's not the case.  On to June!

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