Sunday, September 29, 2013



     Saturdays in Alabama are all about football.  We are big Bama fans and we got to take Mia and Parker to their very first game last weekend. Jackson's been to a few games before, but we were all excited to go.
     Parker is our big football fan. Notice I didn't say Alabama football fan. For some reason he likes everyone else. Right now his favorites are LSU, Notre Dame, and Texas A&M. We don't know why. He also sat down beside me one night and rattled off the college rankings 1-25. Can we say obsessed? He wears his Bama gear, but he spent most of the game cheering for Ole Miss. Go figure. 
     Nana and Pop sat with the boys and Jeremy and I sat with Mia a few sections over. There's nothing like seeing the stadium for the first time. The kids kept taking about how big it was. We taught Mia all the traditional cheers to do during the game and she loved it. Of course Alabama won! I can't wait until Everett gets a little older so we can take the whole family!


                     Big Al  

 Mia seeing the stadium for the first time

                  Pop & Parker 

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