Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Amelia's 9th

     Yesterday was Mia's 19th 9th birthday.  Her life is so fabulous already it's always hard to think of something fun for her special day!  Her daddy to her out on Sunday to Huntsville and let her shop, so she loved that.  They had a good time, and I think spent a lot of time drinking milkshakes!  They did replace her ipod and get some new clothes too.  We woke her up for her favorite breakfast yesterday (chocolate gravy, biscuits, eggs, and bacon) and then she got ready for school.  Yesterday her class went to the pumpkin patch and we checked her out afterwards to grab some lunch.  She was very glad that they had a "fun" day instead of regular school!  After lunch we went to Publix and she picked out her cake and ice cream.  We cooked tacos for dinner and Nana & Grandma joined us.  Happy 9th bday Amelia Claire!

I got a few pics like this texted to me from Huntsville, just to make sure what she was picking was "ok".

 Birthday Breakfast!

Photo bomber

She loves it when her brothers sing to her!

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