Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jeremy's 34th

     Jeremy's birthday was October 22nd, which gives me approximately 2 months of being married to an "older man".  He always asks for the same thing for dinner on his birthday.  Chicken and dressing made by my mom.  I've tried to reproduce this dish, and he said it just wasn't the same.  I guess I'll be paying closer attention in the coming months as she makes it for the holidays.  We had dinner with the cousins at Nana and Pop's house.  We had chocolate, chocolate Alabama cake, presents, and a photo booth.  The kids ran around outside and played most of the night, but I did get a couple of pics before they went wild.  Carley even came home from school to celebrate her favorite brother in law's day.  Not really, but that's what he tells people.  The girls made him cards that were all about germ-x, washing hands, and germs, which he loved.  Parker's card was all about LSU beating Alabama.  Parker loves to kid him about football.  We always have a great time together, but it's even more fun when there's a birthday involved.  Happy 34th Jeremy!

Mia's card

Parker's card
Look how proud he is!


These were glasses were Prentiss's prop of choice!

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